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October 2018 —



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You may have noticed our design has changed a bit. It’s cleaner. It’s more intuitive. It’s easier to share and explain to your less-in-the-know compadres. 

Fitting that, we’re imposing these tweaks upon the launch of The Future Issue. Making things better is what our evolution is all about, right?

While sometimes the future can seem catastrophic (sometimes you simply need to shut off those CNN updates), our evolutions - I believe - are giving us a chance to come together and make planet earth a happy, liveable, clean(er) place. Yes, I am hopeful.

We actually have the chance to change the dark things. How neat is that! Talk about needing to find your purpose — what better way to exercise this muscle than to be proactive, aware, and optimistic. And this, my dear readers, is what the Shape/Shift Report’s Future issue is all about. 

The famous duo, Terrence Caviar, paints this issue, and their interview is as uplifting as their imagery. We have an (honestly, beautiful) piece written by the founder Depict Frames (revolutionizing the way art + tech mingle). We have predictions. We have hot takes. We have an artistic and thought-provoking piece here. 

Dig in and enjoy, the Future is here. 



Managing Editor

Making things better is what our evolution is all about, right?






Recognize that famously clean cut, mouth-watering shot of a Filet-O-Fish on this month’s cover? The delectable images in this month’s Future Issue have been curated and captured by none other than a powerhouse duo, stylist Michelle Maguire and photographer Kelsey McClellan. Inspired by color, memorable meals, wry humor, and slices of real life, Maguire and McClellan answer a delicious interview with us to discuss their paths to success, inspiration, and zany takes on life.

— Gaelan Simpson, Managing Editor SSR




OCTOBER IS HERE AND IT IS A SCORCHER! Read this satirical, darkly humorous piece by our newest freelance writer, Chloe Laughlin. A quick and quippy read, it’s sure to get your brain churning with ideas, conspiracies, and reading into things like they’re metaphors. Ah, miss the college days. 

— Chloe Laughlin




In short, this piece holds a handy guide to the upcoming California elections. Who’s running for governor. Who wants to represent us in the senate and congress. What propositions look good on the surface (we’ll fix all the roads!) but will fuck everything up in the fine print (but we’re going to pay teachers even less to afford it!).

So, yes, (read my big summary in the article) being informed is: good. And with that, let’s breeze through some of the main topics of conversation.

— James Royce



Depict Frame

Picture: a gorgeous frame. Massive, if you’d like. Filled with breathtaking art. That stuns people as they walk into your humble abode. Even better? You have a butler that comes into your house - where this frame resides - whenever you want a change of scenery. Yup. Mr. Butler can literally arrive at any hour of the day/night. To change. Your. Gorgeous. Massive. Painting. Out. For. Another.

— Kimberly Gordon, Founder of Depict


Matte Black's Piping Hot Culture Takes for 2019

Ah, a listicle. As you may already know, Matte Black loves a good listicle. This one was fun. The gist? We got everyone on the team to add their theories, premonitions - whatever you want to call them - to a master sheet of, well, predictions for the year 2019. They’re raw, they’re real. They’re ranked by three dapper dudes on the team. Honestly, a hilarious piece - at least we think so. Dig in.


— The Team at Matte Black



I can transform my apartment into the finest Parisian discotheque and now you can too. 

Jonah Hill: Glow-Up God

With a new zine and a movie on the way it’s hard not to be proud of Jonah.   



The Riff - Talking about taste

On this episode, Matte Black Founder + Creative Director, Chelsea Matthews, talks about taste levels - making sense of what taste is, how to define your own, and a few key questions to ask yourself when approaching the topic of taste.


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Chelsea Matthews


Managing Editor
Gaelan Simpson


Contributing Editor
Micah Heykoop


Aria Davis


Creative Director

Nolan Goff


Graphic Design

Ariel Irby



Photography Duo

Terrence Caviar







Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 3.40.52 PM.png

Terrence Caviar’s kelsey mcclellan

Kelsey McClellan is a photographer born in Texas, raised in Ohio, and currently based in San Francisco, CA. She is one-half of Terrence Caviar, a collaborative partnership with Michelle Maguire.  Inspired by color, memorable meals, wry humor, and slices of real life, Maguire and McClellan collaborate to produce must-share visuals for all your storytelling needs.

Yummiest dessert: Any form of dark chocolate

Shoot playlist? Cocteau Twins, Sade, Radiohead, Bjork, Genesis, Broadcast, Mac Demarco, Amen Dunes, Joyce, Secos & Molhados, Isley Brothers, George Benson, T. Rex, Harry Nilsson, and always the song Jeans On by David Dundas (on set you are the literal dj).

Guilty pleasure: driving

Favourite book? 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, any David Sedaris book.

Spirit animal. American Kestrel (my grandpa used to call me ‘Kelsey the Kestrel’, and carved me one out of basswood).

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 3.43.53 PM.png

Terrence Caviar’s michelle maguire

Michelle Maguire is a prop and set stylist currently based in Columbus, Ohio, and one-half of Terrence Caviar, a collaborative partnership with Kelsey McClellan. She enjoys working hard but also values the importance of a good old-fashioned space-out.


Favourite color: right this minute, sun-bleached hues

Favourite quote: “You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?” – Steven Wright

Best pasta noodle? Tortellini! The legend is so cool – an Italian inn-keeper, looking through a key-hole, admired the belly button of a lounging female guest. Who the navel belonged to is not entirely certain, but some say to the goddess Venus. Regardless, a single tortellini bears resemblance to a well-shaped belly button.

Cocktail of choice: With food: a cold, crisp pilsner; for shooting the breeze: bourbon on the rocks.

Muse: The handful of my favorite loved ones who have departed. I owe it to the dead to do my best at living.



Love to tell everyone everyone my core skill is “writing words” even though any goof can do that. Pretty good at surfing. Nice hair, too.

Celebrity crush: Gene Wilder (RIP)

Prized possession: Copy of Grapes of Wrath signed by John Steinbeck. 

Describe yourself in three words: Radiating nervous energy.

Vice? Overthinking everything. Oh, and dark chocolate.

Favorite swear word: There has never been a moment more exhilarating in my life than when I said “Fuck” for the first time ever when I was nine-years-old.



A rowdy Midwest born Gemini working as a freelance writer, author, and content creator. She loves people and One Direction. She majored in Philosophy and can quote every six second vine she has ever seen. 


If I had to get a tattoo that’d cover my entire back: 'Mark Antony's Funeral Speech' from Julius Caesar Act III, Scene II 

Mama's best advice: "If you want to stay home and sleep in, you can."

Fun fact: I listen to 'A Milli' 5 times a week -minimum

Fast food meal? Del Taco, red bold burrito well done

The best cheese… all cheese, but specifically perlini mozzarella

Expensive habit: my $5 iced mocha with almond milk every day

7-UE (1).jpg

kimberly gordon

Founder, CEO at Depict. Born in Boston, based in SF by way of Shanghai and NYC. Previous projects: clean tech in China, carbon trading also in China. Educated at Barnard and MIT. 

Favorite piece of art, ever: too many and always more

Celebrity crush: Bob Dylan in 1965 

Motto: don’t let the bastards get you down 

Dream "Depict" collab: TeamLab 
Favourite food: birthday cake