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The Modern Uniform of a Soundcloud Rapper

We're starting to see them more often than not, often on up-and-coming Soundcloud artists who are emerging from behind their laptops. Not quite an accessory but something more permanent, seemingly infused with meaning. Yep, I'm talking about face tattoos.


In one of The Outline's latest, the publication presents a few brief yet telling examples of these face tattoos having different meanings - not only by the nature of their design, but by the body of the person who is adorning them. The slideshow + article hybrid succinctly runs through the history of face tattoos - what they have signified on black and brown bodies in the early 2000s - and juxtaposes these signifiers with more recent rappers who have committed to the ink.


In the end, The Outline turns an eye on this cultural shift - another instance of commodifying a signifier of black and brown culture to become "cool" - and wonder just how it will spread to other genres in due time.



— Aria Davis, Integrated Marketing Manager at Matte Black

Photo courtesy of  The Outline

Photo courtesy of The Outline




Yes, It's Advertising, but It's Also Charitable work


Adobe is doing some really cool stuff down in Texas. Hurricane Harvey devastated countless people in the Houston area, and many people lost priceless family photos in the flood. Adobe is using their resources, and their technology, to help restore these family photos. Through their student program, they are teaching teenagers how to use the Adobe Suite while doing invaluable work for the city of Houston as well.


Are you good at photoshop and want to help with restoring priceless family photos? Learn more about it here. Hone your skills while doing good for others! 


— Jonathan Godinho, Project Manager at Matte Black

Photo courtesy of  AdWeek

Photo courtesy of AdWeek




Tide cleaned up at the super bowl

The annual performance of ad agencies and brands putting their most creative foot forward was this past Sunday, also known as the Super Bowl. Yay sports - and hooray for brands utilizing humor and multiple ad spots to bring joy to millions of Pats fans who may have been feeling a little low. 


Our front runner is unequivocally Tide, starring Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbour), who managed to turn every Super Bowl ad into a Tide ad. From the stereotypical car, beer, soda, and even Old Spice ads, Sheriff Hopper pointed out that each ad sported clean clothes, thus, a Tide ad. “The idea itself was really informed by the brand Tide being such an icon, that so many people use it,” said Paul Bichler, Saatchi & Saatchi’s executive creative director. “So it lends itself to this idea—of the people you surround yourself with, half of them are essentially Tide ads.”


You can watch the Tide Ads here.


— Chase Colman, Integrated Marketing Manager at Matte Black

Photo courtesy of  CinemaBlend

Photo courtesy of CinemaBlend


More super bowl stuff

Ad Conundrum

There's a question I'm confronted with every Super Bowl Sunday. I know not everyone has this problem, but this game always presents a conundrum of sorts. As one who enjoys the game, the commercials, and the wing / pizza / snack spread that this day affords, I never know when is the best time to get up and refill my plate (or my beer). 

Do I go during the commercials or do I go during the game? 


Either way, I'm missing out on something I especially enjoy. Any advice for future Nolan would be quite helpful. 


Turning to the ads, this year's ads offered the typical "dilly-dilly" riff raff and laughs (Bud Light, Doritos) coupled with the more poignant fare, from the likes of Toyota and Budweiser. While all these ads saw high marks, it seems the consensus winner was Amazon's star-studded "Alexa Loses Her Voice" and the NFL's own Dirty Dancing send-up, starring the New York Football Giants. 


Check out the top ads from USA Today's Super Bowl Ad Meter


- Nolan Goff, Content Director at Matte Black

Image courtesy of  Mashable

Image courtesy of Mashable