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— October 2017






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A few month's back I was in touch with Micah and Chelsea, getting to know them and Matte Black better. I was really interested in learning more about their work and also about the Shape Shift Report, which keeps you on the forefront of what brands should be thinking about today.


When everything is changing, when disruption is the norm, when technology speeds us through a revolution, it helps to be synced up with others who are tuned in to the right frequency to help you navigate the change.


One of the big struggles of our time is whether or not to embrace the future.


In the 60’s there was a general optimism for what was to come. Flying cars, living on the moon. There was no limit to what we could accomplish. In 2017… it doesn’t feel that way.


Yet the only option is for us to lean in. As much as some may resist, it appears we have no choice but to allow for the gravitational pull towards progress and the future to march on. Kudos to Matte Black for bringing up this discussion, and I hope this issue helps you step forward to that place.


The future, where we will accomplish the unthinkable. The future, where we’ll speak casually about incredible tools and technologies. The future, is now, but already we’ve forgotten.




Guest Editor & Founder of Death to Stock




Editor's Letter


Create, on us.

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Post internet culture: How To Get Ready

"The internet is blamed for killing culture, but actually it’s created an exciting new one."

This piece by London-based freelance collective, The Akin, dives into why brands need to get on board with the post-internet culture, technology and digital trends. 


— The Akin



Fashion's Digital-First Future

When it comes to data in the fashion industry, Launchmetrics is the go-to resource.  On the coattails of fashion week, what have we learned about the future of the industry? 


 — Jessica Michault, SVP of Industry Relations at Launchmetrics



Facing an Uncertain Career Future: 5 Stages of Freelancing

The freelance lifestyle has it's woes. Unpaid invoices, hustling for your next gig, and taking on work you might not love are things that every freelancer experiences. The question begs: does it get better? 


— Sarah Shostak, Producer at Complex



Death to Stock Founder David Sherry

We spoke to our guest editor and Death to Stock founder David Sherry about his career path, building community and his thoughts on the future of the creative industry



SYNCED UP WITH Photographer Dustin Giallanza

Nolan sits down with this month's Shape Shift editorial photographer, Dustin Giallanza, to discuss the collaboration, his habits while shooting, and where he sees us going in the looming future and beyond. 



Three Photographers on shaping the future of creative

We tapped Death to Stock for three photographers whose work is at the forefront of creativity - gathering their thoughts on rich media, becoming obsolete and of course, the future. Learn more about Ray Kay, Alex Tan and Patrick Michael Chin in this interview series.




In this month's editorial spread, our vision of the future sees a world in harmony, where humans are more human than they've ever been. This future sees individuals riding their own wave, all while moving steadfast along a congruent, inclusive trajectory.


 — Photographed by Dustin Giallanza, Styled by Bailey Julio, Creative Direction by Nolan Goff








All About the Experience with Andrew Tyree of Coast to Costa

Coast to Costa isn't your typical travel agency. The company focuses on curating experiences that encourage travelers to veer away from the tourist traps and live like locals. Tune in as we chat with the Founder, Andrew Tyree, about the roots of the agency and his five components for creating unique experiences around the world.





“Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future."  

—James bertrand


See what the Shape Shift Report team dug up this month!




Put A (Pink) Bow On It

According to a recent study, 71% of Tinder users feel that political differences is a dealbreaker (and I mean, it is). Cue: OkCupid (aka the owner of Tinder) announcing a partnership with Planned Parenthood where you can add a pink bow to your profile, so prospective lovers know 'wassup. 


Read more from Huffington Post.



— Chelsea Matthews, Founder of Matte Black and Editor-in-Chief of Shape Shift Report




The Things Cities do for Amazon

Amazon is building a second headquarters, and they are having a contest of sorts to decide which city will play host. With opening this second HQ, Amazon promises to invest $5 billion and create 50,000 jobs. That would be huge for any city. Because of this.... mayors are doing some crazy things. Business leaders in Tuscon attempted to send CEO Jeff Bezos a 21 foot cactus and other cities are sending their best YouTube pitch of why they would be the best place for HQ No. 2. The whole dog and pony show is a funny thing to see. Which city do you think should be the second home base for one of America's greatest companies?


 Jonathan Godinho, Project Manager at Matte Black




Millennials are filling the voids in their hearts with Houseplants

I feel like millennials have a way of taking something completely normal and transforming it into a content category for their personal Instagram strategies. And hey, I'm guilty too. 


This article, from the Washington Post, good further into the increasing household trend of young creatives filling their otherwise mundane homes into urban jungles, "jungalows" and fiddle-leaf fantasies. Not only does housing a tropical oasis give these millennials something to do on Sunday mornings (and perhaps fill a void in their lives), but they also make for great Instagram backdrops. 


— Delanie Billman, Managing Editor





Re-selling your own clothes, because why not...

Patagonia launched a program this month that allows owners of used Patagonia clothing to trade it in and have it be resold by the brand. The effort is called Worn Wear and it is so on brand it hurts. Not only will they repair any wear-and-tear from past purchases, now they will even take it as is and give you credit to buy something new if you are looking to upgrade. The list goes on as to why this is a great idea: reduce waste, build consumer confidence in product, incentivize upgrading pieces when you need to go to new climates, etc. The move further cements their status as the outdoor brand that respects its customer, the environment, and top of it all, believes in the time-tested appeal of its product. Check it out for yourself.


— Micah Heykoop, Contributing Editor




Chelsea Matthews


Managing Editor
Delanie Billman


Contributing Editor
Micah Heykoop


Guest Editor

David Sherry



Aria Davis


Creative Director

Nolan Goff




Dustin Giallanza




David Sherry

David Sherry is the founder of Death to Stock, and also hosts a podcast, writes about culture, branding and tech, and loves email.


Last movie watched: The Creep, very weird, pretty creepy. Lived up to the name.

City to escape to: New York City

Crime to commit: Impersonation

Author to read: Kevin Kelley


Jessica Michault

Jessica is the Senior Vice President of Industry Relations for GPS Radar. Previously, she was the editor-in-chief of Antidote, a biannual fashion magazine and before that, held the role of editor-in-chief of NOWFASHION. Michault's work has been published in the International Herald Tribune, New York Times, Italian Vogue, Vogue Japan, Harper's Bazaar, GQ and Business of Fashion. 


Guilty pleasure: Riding my horse Bellini

Most used app: Instagram 

City to escape to: San Francisco

Most recent purchase: A Y-Project deconstructed denim jacket

Drink of choice: Mojito 


The Akin

Founded by Anna, Helen and Sarah, The Akin is a collective of freelancers working to rebuild trust and restore faith in the agency model creating a new operating model that puts transparency and humanity at the centre of everything we do.


Last song played in the office: Fleetwood Mac, The Chain

Streaming on Netflix: Master of None

Drink of Choice: Manhattan (we are in NYC right now)

Favorite thing to nerd out to: At the moment AI futures

Most inspiring city: Depends on where we are or where we are planning to visit!




Dustin Giallanza

Dustin Giallanza is a LA based professional photographer who specializes in fashion, advertising, editorial, and portrait work. His work is beautiful and pays close attention to thoughtful compositions and is often heavily influenced by his background in fine art, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of art forms.


Last book read: Stephen King’s IT 

Go-to karaoke song: Not much of a karaoke guy but could get down with “Africa” by Toto

City you feel most inspired in: I want to be really cool and say some other city but I think it’s gotta be LA.

Morning routine: I love going to the gym in the morning, and having personal time to meditate and really take stock of things I am grateful for.

Drink of choice: Gin and Soda with lime


Sarah Shostak

Sarah hails from NYC but is currently a LA-based Producer at Complex and has been freelance writing for over 4 years. She is addicted to travel and is always helping her friends plan trips. If you ever need a bar or restaurant recco, she's your girl. Follow her at @safosho. 

Last show you binged: 30 Rock - before it leaves Netflix! 

Choice dinner guest: Beyonce. 

Comfort food: bacon, egg, & cheese from home (NYC)

Nasty habit: Guilty of cutting people off in heated conversations 

Crime to commit: Buying something, wearing it once, then returning it.