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Forward Thinking GQ Styles Things Even Further Forward with Redesign.



The tri-annual (3 times a year, you get the point) publication, GQ Style, just launched their Fall issue and along with an insanely good cover shoot featuring Tyler the Creator, they also opted for a full redesign. From a new vertically stacked logo, to reducing the mag down to a single font (you read that right), they elevated what was already an amazing publication. Also, we can't confirm or deny, but their Podcast Corporate Lunch indicated they have banned the word "trend" from being used or represented in the magazine. We're all in. 

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— Micah Heykoop, Director of Operations at Matte Black

Photo courtesy of  GQ

Photo courtesy of GQ




get in the car, keke.


Seems like every week there's a new album dropping, from breakthrough artists, to our consistent favorites. This year has really proven the music game is still going strong, and we're only a little over halfway through. Collaborations, dis tracks, and those still riding solo (hey J.Cole), are here to reign. Hypebeast has broken down the best 25 music projects of the year so far.


PS- Astroworld would be on this list, but the cut off date was in July.


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— Ariel Irby, Graphic Designer at Matte Black

Photo courtesy of  Hypebeast

Photo courtesy of Hypebeast



social media

Sorry. Can't. i'm cleansing. 


I am halfway through my voluntary two-week break from all social media and it has been difficult. More difficult than I anticipated. Have you ever given much thought to the walk you will inevitably take from your office to your car as the day wraps? Me neither, until this week when my thumbs (out of habit) swiped and slided to open my social media accounts, only to realize there are none on my phone, bummer. 


One week in and I must say I feel lighter minute by minute and I might not be the only one. According to a recent Vice article, Instagram will soon allow you insight into how much time you are spending scrolling images of everybody’s summer vacay’s and allow you to limit that time day by day. 


Think it sounds stupid? Me too, until I found my thumbs anxious without anything to scroll on that short walk from the office… For now, I’ll be off the 'Gram probably missing out on nothing more than another throwback pic of where you’d rather be on Monday morning. 


The new features are set to roll out in the next few weeks. Will users take to the tools or ignore entirely? Only time will tell. 


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— Liz Burton, Manager of the Candid Network at Matte Black

Photo courtesy of  Terrence Caviar

Photo courtesy of Terrence Caviar