What Does Happiness Look Like?



Because the theme of this issue is on content, we decided to tap into our most creative of creators across all industries to see if they could come up with an image that described the same resounding emotion: Happiness. Taken literally, figuratively and everything in between, take a look at what some of our content connoisseurs came up with. 


D'ARA Nazaryan

Los Angeles, CA

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.07.09 PM.png

The Color Theory Series is an ongoing introspective and collaborative project I’ve embarked on with Creative Director/ Designer Simon Clowes. Inspired by my appreciation (obsession!) of nature, this series serves as a mechanism by which to explore the thematics of form, aesthetic, and representation. We’re bombarded daily with so many messages about what is beautiful, and how much closer we’d be to a more fulfilling life if we could attain these manufactured ideals. I became the most comfortable in my own skin when I started to view myself as my own standard of beauty. Self love and acceptance have been key focal points on my personal journey to happiness, and this series is an exercise in that very mantra. (which I feel are key to an individual’s happiness).

@dnazty | dnaz.tv | papelaria.com 



San francisco, CA

I associate happiness with the ability to dream; when I feel it fade, I literally and figuratively look out and beyond. Seeing the city laid out beneath me like gems on velvet revitalizes my spirit.

@elephantinfantry | nicolefraser-herron.com



Los Angeles, CA

For me this photograph emulates many different themes of happiness. The door, and light coming through from behind it, symbolizes opportunity while the splash of color evokes themes of equality and acceptance of individual differences (which I feel are key to an individual’s happiness).

@rickbhatia | RickBhatia.com




I took this photo of Lil Yachty (@lilyachty) on my Gameboy. Mixing childhood artifacts with vibrant aspects of modern subculture makes me happy.



Ariana Margulis

New York, NY

That phone beeping feeling that makes you all excited inside. All it takes is a “hi” or “hey” to make your day. Because someone, somewhere out there is thinking of you.



JACquie Coe

Los angeles, ca

Sandwiches make me happy. Male co-workers wearing my bracelets make me happy too. This is a male co-worker wearing a sandwich bracelet that I made before a trip to Japan so that I could get attention and come off as super Kawaii on the streets of Tokyo.