We first worked with Jay in an influencer capacity when we hired him to create social media content for a few of our clients. We’ve since realized that he is much more than a content creator and influencer. For visual inspiration, we turn to his Instagram. The best new music video, his website. And a live feed of any awards ceremony, important sporting ever, or pop-culture happening, his Twitter. 

Editor's Side Note //


-Jay Melilli

The rise of video content has largely increased over the last couple of years. Today there is massive competition for your time and your eyes. Whether it’s high-end entertainment, like House of Cards or even knowing the ‘keys of success’ from DJ Khaled’s Snapchat, the fact is, video is everywhere. With a reported 12 billion streams in the last quarter of 2015, Netflix has proved that video content is more relevant than ever. Today, consumers have more choices of entertainment than ever before. 


Video content is the personality of your brand or in some cases, it’s the thing that keeps people coming back to your site. There are many ways to express yourself through video and at the end of the day it all depends on your goals as to what you are trying to accomplish. As a brand, first you need to know and understand your audience. A couple questions you might ask: Who are you reaching? What are they interested in? What platforms do they live on? In the world of social media, different platforms serve different purposes. Take for example, a fashion company like Everlane. They have developed a beautiful aesthetic through Instagram and brought customers behind the scenes with their creatively successful Snapchat account. For those who are seeking a more intimate and raw form of communication, Snapchat serves as a great in-depth perspective that other platforms don’t offer.


Through the years we have watched the growth of YouTube expand into a full entertainment subscription service with premium content. In many ways, the success of YouTube is based on content the creators themselves are producing on a daily basis. Whether you love to cook or have an amazing musical talent, there’s room in the world for you to express your- self through the power of video. Such celebrities like Justin Bieber, launched their careers by simply upload- ing videos and today we are seeing the discovery of many more stars like Tori Kelly, Troye Sivan and even Vine Star Shawn Mendes. Currently Vevo is receiving 17 billion videos a month, proving that video content is one of the most valuable ways for musicians to tell their stories and connect to their fans.



The rise in technology is constantly evolving video to new heights.



As companies like Facebook and YouTube are investing more into their content creators, we are seeing the next wave of video transitioning into virtual reality and 360 degree videos. U2 recently produced an entire VR music video through Apple Music and Vine star, Zack King, was one of the first creators to release a 360 degree on YouTube. This new technology opens up more possibilities for storytelling and more ways to capture your audience.


At the end of the day, content is everything. The only way to grow your audience is to get creative. Currently, brands are spending at an all time high on video con- tent and creators are reaping the benefits more than ever. Some brands are paying upwards of six figures for influencers to produce video content. Whether you are an influencer or simply a fan, video has become the most powerful form of connection in our modern day culture.