Utilizing Instagram's Multiple Photo Feature

Utilizing Instagram's Multiple Photo Feature

By Matte Black

Instagram recently opened up it's multiple photo feature to all users, something previously only available to advertizers. What does that mean for brands? More content, yay! The team at Matte Black is sharing the best ways brands can use this feature from a content perspective. 


Panorama-like photos

You can link 3+ images together that make it look like you are seeing one continuous image. Imagine doing an awesome shot of a landscape or even a tour around a car.



Instead of a gif or attempting to sum everything up in one photo and falling short, a brand can show the step-by-step of how to use their product/service. This is an advantage because the audience understands the product better with maybe less clicks than it would have taken before.


Storytelling Without Video

A day or experience with the product - showing the dynamic ways someone could enjoy the product/service within a linear storyline or timeline. Imagine your main image as the most fitting and compelling and the sub images could feel most human and really win your audience over with story.


Product galleries

While product imagery on plain white backgrounds is necessary for websites, it doesn't always make the best content for social media. The new Instagram update would allow you to share these images but disguise them with a nicer looking "cover photo." That way, your Instagram feed doesn't get disrupted by an ugly image but your followers are able to see your products more clearly.


Event photos

Events are a part of almost every brand's marketing strategy at one point or another. We've all been there, had our photo taken at the event by some photographer or photobooth, but the photo rarely sees the light of day because chances are you don't want to flood your Instagram feed with a ton of photos of people mingling. Queue the new Instagram update, that allows you to publish up to ten of those photos in a concise way.