Trueey - Culture Feature


I've always been ruled by the truth. I'm relentless in the pursuit of it, in all aspects of my life, and I've never held back at sharing my version of the truth, even on social media. I quickly learned that sharing my truth, or more simply, my opinion, pissed a lot of people off. Fast turning loose friends into counterparts. When disagreeing with a friend's opinion on any form of social media, the only option is to like or to comment, which can instantly turn a simple difference of opinion into a public confrontation for the whole internet to see. Twenty-first century problems, am I right?


Trueey is a platform for opinions, we all have them. I created Trueey because I couldn't find a better place on social media to share my opinions, freely and without judgement. It's a fun and easy way to share opinions, whether posting a statement or voting to agree/disagree on others. And the anonymity allows users to share truths that are likely not safe to share anywhere else on the web.


As more people use the platform, you can quickly find out a lot of interesting and surprising statistics that you might not find anywhere else. In other words, the truth.

Avi Ahdoot, Founder + CEO of Trueey

What can we learn about today's culture from an app that allows users to share their thoughts, anonymously? The simple agree-or-disagree polling app Trueey pulled the most interesting facts about relationships, spending habits, politics and pop-culture exclusively for the Shape Shift Report:


"Taylor Swift's name recognition is bigger than her actual music recognition."

89% Agree

11% Disagree


"I go to target to spend no more than $15 then leave spending over $100."

86% Agree

14% Disagree


"You shouldn't get married before the age of 30."

45% Agree

55% Disagree


"I'd pay $495 for a good pair of jeans."

9% Agree

91% Disagree


"If you could go back in time over 20 years, but had to stay there for at least a year, would you do it?"

66% Agree

34% Disagree


"Selfie sticks: save yourself $20 and ask a stranger to take your photo."

86% Agree

14% Disagree


"Pizza is always better with ranch."

33% Agree

67% Disagree


"I'd rather UBER increase their prices by 10% than to have their drivers bother me for tips."

75% Agree

25% Disagree


"Playing the lottery is equivalent to throwing away money."

64% Agree

36% Disagree


"Bad grammar is a turn off."

84% Agree

16% Disagree


"I could never date someone who supports Trump."

51% Agree

49% Disagree


"I bring my own bags when I shop for groceries."

27% Agree

73% Disagree


"Given the necessary means, I would move to a different country."

65% Agree

35% Disagree


"Chinese food is overrated."

31% Agree

69% Disagree


"Life gets more confusing the older you get."

64% Agree

36% Disagree


"The hardest part about work is making it look like you're working."

60% Agree

40% Disagree


"It's important to pay for music."

47% Agree

53% Disagree


"Breast feeding in pubic should be normal."

71% Agree

29% Disagree


"I make an active effort to eat healthy."

54% Agree

46% Disagree


"Everyone needs that one friend who is unemployed and always down to do something."

67% Agree

33% Disagree


"I have no interest in being famous."

49% Agree

51% Disagree


"Kanye West is a genius."

21% Agree

79% Disagree


"I would gain 100 pounds if someone gave me $1,000,000 to do it."

49% Agree

51% Disagree


"If I died today, I'd be happy with how my life turned out."

45% Agree

55% Disagree


"I prefer watching movies over tv shows."

39% Agree

61% Disagree


"I'm still trying to figure out what I want my long-term career to be."

67% Agree

33% Disagree