@axeloswith // jakart, indonesia

SS: What's your 9-5? (or let's be real, your 8-8?)

AO: I get up at 7am every morning and check my emails in hopes to see in an inquiry regarding work so that I can survive for the next month or so. In most days I head to the gym for an hour, before going to work at the taable for the rest of the day.


SS: How did the taable come into fruition?

AO: I started the taable together with my college friend Amanda Kusai (@amandakusai). Towards the end of my years in college I was asked to shoot for a Japanese restaurant, however I was only an amateur limited to mobile photography, so I reached out to Amanda after stalking her works knowing she understood about photography and we’ve worked together ever since, other projects came along soon after, with one of our first major client Martha Stewart Magazine. I am pleased to be able to work along side Amanda, as she is able to translate my thoughts and ideas into her own perspective that is out of the ordinary and that she never fails to find a positive side to the smallest of things. 


SS: If I remember had a presence on social media before starting the taable. Is that right? Do you think your influence on social media helped your business grow and evolve?

AO: I pursued my interest in conjunction with the growth of starting the taable. Prior to the taable I was merely a graphic designer obsessed with detail, composition, contemporary art and colour. A lot of the images I took starting out had been taken with an iPhone so I never had imagined it to be shared around social media such as Instagram and Pinterest. I can say that the success of the taable has been with the help of a lot of factors and not merely prior presence on social media, not to say the internet has also been a big part, Amanda has helped influence the growth of the taable and myself to communicate the ideas I picture in my head and reflect it in a more professional and aesthetically pleasing manner. I have learnt a lot from her and what we have gone through.

SS: What inspires you?

AO: Everything around me has inspired my work one way or the other. From the mundanity ofeveryday objects, science, people, reality show, and supermarkets to the development and evolution of art styles through the years and how artists are able to learn new things but still retain and not loose the thing that makes their work unique.


SS: What do you think is next for the creative industry and brands in general?

AO: I think something with details, thought, and meaning packed in simplicity will be next thing in the creative industry.


SS: The theme of this issue is 'Technology.' What's your relationship with tech and how do you think it's impacting the creative industry?

AO: I grew up around the development of technology from television, radio, tamagotchi, cell phone and the internet, which I think has greatly influenced my works. Especially sharing it with the world via a simple click of an upload button I am able to express my thoughts to a wider audience. Just as much as building this creative business the taable, I am able to share our works in one medium that easily allows clients to interact with me via phone and email.

SS: If you could switch lives with anyone for a week, living or dead, who would it be and why?

AO: If I had the chance, I would love to switch with an astronaut. For as long as I could remember I’ve always been intrigued by outer space, I wanted to adventure out to the Moon and Mars. I even wondered if one day I could live in one of Saturn's moons.


SS: Name one person or brand who you think is doing cool sh*t right now.

AO: I’ve been enjoying the works of Meatwreck (@meatwreck) you should check them out. Their raw photographic style, brilliant and twisted scenes stands out for me.

Mryzk & Moriceau (@mrzyk_moriceau), is also doing some cool things with their illustration that strikes deep and meaningful messages with a minimal approach that I love.

SS: What can we expect from you in the next few months.

AO: It’s a funny coincidence that this issue explores the theme of Technology, and that ironically Amanda and myself are currently working on a project for a technology based company. As for my personal project, I am trying to learn new things, and different art styles, because I believe as a creative individual we should not be afraid of change yet embrace it and use it as a motivation to grow to be a better person.

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