Sunday Goods: A Convo with Chris Sung

Sunday Goods: Arizona's Feel Good Brand

A conversation with Chris Sung


Dreamiest job? We just might have found it. How does working within a company that's mission is to make people feel good with a cannabis experience that’s just right sound? Sunday Goods believes that everyone should have access to the magic of cannabis. To achieve this, they're growing all-natural, top-quality cannabis that produces specific effects through high-integrity growing. SSR sits down with Chris Sung to talk about the SG culture and where the team see's their brand heading in 2018.


SSR // Tell us the exact moment you decided to start Sunday Goods (your 'business plan on a napkin' story).

CS // We always knew we wanted to create a brand that consumers could trust to make them feel good.  We have been in the marijuana space for quite a bit of time, and realized that consumers did not have a viable option that was filled with integrity.  Once our greenhouse became operational, the need became much more apparent.  We knew from day one that we would never cut corners in our cultivation and extraction processes, always using organic materials and being pesticide free.  From there Sunday Goods became an imperative – there was no other option but to create a brand that represented all of our ideals.


SSR // What's your brand philosophy or goals?

CS // The essence of our brand is making people feel good.  We believe that people should have access to cannabis in the way that is right for them, and our team takes great pride in providing the best possible medicine by adopting the highest standards for all-natural, sustainable growing and clean extraction.  Just as we know our customers wouldn’t put food in their body without knowing where it came from and how it was grown, we strive to be fully transparent about our practices, and provide our patients the education they need to find the product that is right for their needs.  This also means building solutions for our customers’ busy lives, and leveraging digital platforms to make it easy for them to interact with our brand, our products, and even our grow team.  Investing in the future of cannabis means growing and extracting products responsibly, and respecting our customers by putting their needs and health first.


SSR // The state of California recently opened up laws and regulations around cannabis - what does it mean for the Sunday Goods?

CS // At Sunday Goods we are constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow as the landscape changes, and our team is spread all over the US.  The industry has its eye on California, not only because of the recent changes in regulations, but also because it is a market with huge demand and some of our favorite brands.  We are excited to work with influencers, thought leaders, producers and creators in the California market.


SSR // What are the biggest challenges around marketing in this industry? Misconceptions?

CS // The curtain is being lifted on an industry that used to exist behind closed doors, so the landscape is constantly evolving.  This means that some of the tools and platforms that most marketers are used to are not available to brands in the space.  This also means that the connection to the customer and their behavior is more important than ever.  Patients have embraced content platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Vice to consume education and information about the industry and cannabis brands.  For generations, cannabis has existed as an augmenting force for people across industries and professions, so understanding the diverse background and demographics of our customers and the community is crucial in creating content that they care about. 


SSR // Outside of the cannabis industry - how can your marketing/branding philosophy apply to  brands/industry's - this piece will be a take away for readers.

CS // We have found the greatest success by having clearly defined brand values, and by being customer obsessed.  Early on, our team determined clear values to guide our approach, and those choices have helped us prioritize our efforts.  Putting the needs of our dispensaries and our patients first influences how we do everything from production to content.  By being transparent about these choices and telling authentic stories, we’ve created close relationships and connections with our customers and patients.  Leveraging that dialogue with our customers to then learn and iterate to improve creates a virtuous loop. 


SSR // Your brand does have a niche audience, but how can you expect that to chance in the near future? How do you plan to build and foster a growing audience?

CS // Nurturing education will be key to building our audience as newcomers enter the world of cannabis, and as influencers start to embrace their relationship with the plant openly.  Cannabis has always been an interconnective tissue and an augmenter for creatives, athletes, and academics, but it also represents relief for the patient community.  We want to celebrate this connection by drawing awareness to the ways that the plant has integrated into the routines and process for the creative class, and the people we are inspired by.  But we also want to drive awareness of the reality that this plant is a solution through a focus on science, innovation and transparency within the industry.  By helping to lift the veil on the inclusivity of cannabis, we believe there will be something for everyone within the Sunday Goods ecosystem.      


SSR // What can we expect to see from Sunday Goods in 2018? Any New Years resolutions?

CS // 2018 will be an action-packed year, so our New Year’s Resolution is: move faster!  We will be constantly releasing new, top-quality products throughout the year, and we are focused on expanding our reach beyond Arizona’s borders, while opening our first retail footprint within the state.  We are excited to work with more influential dispensaries, brands, and innovators, and with creators across industries.  We believe in the future of cannabis, and the future is bright!


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