Photographer Spotlight: Noah Sahady


Noah Sahady

Noah is a photographer based in Los Angeles in New York. His work can be found throughout The Analog Issue. 


SS: When did you first unravel your love for photography?

NS: I discovered it when I was about 5, but it wasn’t until a handful of years ago that I truly unraveled my love for it. I guess I was just too caught up doing things little boys do to really focus on it. I’m really glad it remained dormant for those years, though - if it wasn’t for all of the shenanigans and throwing myself around on a skateboard for so many years, that fire for photography would have never reignited.



SS: Have you ever worked full-time somewhere (and if so, where), or have you always been freelance?

NS: I’ve worked a short stint as a full time studio manager/digital tech for a photographer in NYC that ended up transitioning into a part-time and per-job basis. Other than that, just perpetual (and overlapping) part-time jobs that were 100% of the “odd” variety. I’ve done everything from construction to teaching swimming lessons to little kids.


SS: What was the first photography gig you ever landed? 

NS: If we’re talking about absolute first ever (and included payment)then it was creating some portraits for a friend-of-a-friend in high school. It’s a long story, but that day plays a pretty significant role in where my life has gone since.

Noah Sahady


SS: Who are some photographers you look up to?

NS: This one is always so hard for me to answer, and I always tend to give such cliché answers like “everyone is so inspiring, blah blah” or “blah blah, can’t forget the classics, blah” but for the sake of answering a little more thoroughly, I’ve been really stoked on the works of Yamamoto Masao and Sean McFarland. Their edits are on another level that I strive to reach. Also, shouts to all my friends who don’t realize how freaking talented they are - you all are the real inspiration.


SS: We're constantly toiling with the various perspectives of how creative is consumed, and the opinions created around it. Namely, it's down to one persons taste versus another. How would you define your 'taste'? 

NS: I really like this question, and I think it’s more of a lengthy conversation piece, but you’re totally right - it’s one-million-percent subjective. Describing my own taste is always a struggle for me, and I’m starting to think there just isn’t sufficient spoken language for it. I’d describe it as more of a feeling, kind of like when you drive by an old man walking down the street wearing the outfit you wore yesterday, but he looks way better in it. The old man just has “it”. Charles Bukowski wrote the best poem ever and it’s about this exact thing (props to anyone who knows which one I’m referencing). Some people, some artworks have “it”. I can’t really articulate what “it” is, but I know “it” when I see it. My taste seeks out that indescribable quality.


SS: If you could pass along one bit of advice to a young photographer or creative, what would it be?

NS: Do it with style. And not with the same style that the last folks did it. Do it with your style. Then, pretend no one is judging you, or hating on your Instagram feed because it has less than 10k, and continue to do it with YOUR style.


SS: Do you have a muse?

NS: Nature for sure, but you probably guessed that.



SS: You're a happy guy, so I feel like you know a few good jokes. Best one you've ever been told?

NS: I freeze up every time someone asks me to tell a good joke. Sorry to all of my hilarious friends, I’m failing your reputations.


SS: Define your work. 

NS: My work is like a person with no tongue, but with everything to say.


SS: Dream project?

NS: To exhibit a body of work that helps someone beyond their creative journey.



See more of Noah's work on his website and Instagram.