Photographer Arielle Vey


Arielle Vey


Arielle Vey is a photographer and artist currently living in North San Diego. After years of honing her skills and bringing an energetic spark to every project, Arielle has produced a recognizable aesthetic.


Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, where her passion was transformed into a career, she began challenging herself further in the creative community. Her hybrid style of animated imagery and eye for design has led her to work with brands she loves. Arielle has collaborated on campaigns with Netflix, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, TOMS, method, SKYY Vodka, Peet's Coffee, Sperry, Urban Decay and more. Read our conversation with her below to find out more about her journey, where her passion stems from and what advice she'd like to share with other upcoming artists with fire in their bellies. 

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SS // When did you first unravel your love for photography?

AV // Many years ago! I took Photo 1 as one of my electives my junior year of high school. As I entered Photo 2 my senior year, I took it much more seriously and decided to make it my career (easier said than DONE...haha!).


SS // Have you ever worked full-time somewhere, or have you always been a freelancer pursuing photography?

AV // After I got my photography degree from Art Institute, I definitely worked some odd jobs! At one point I had two part-time gigs, plus babysitting at night, and shooting for free or for low rates on the side. I started freelancing full-time in 2013.


SS // What was the first creative gig you ever landed?

AV // A fashion shoot I did for a boutique in San Diego. We had models on airplanes so I was IN IT during that shoot. My style was so different back then but I can still see why I shot the way I did when I look back at them.


SS // Who are some artists you look up to? 

AV // There are so many! Kevin Russ, Jesse Marble, Corina Nika, and Sarah Sherman Samuel to name a few.


SS // We're constantly toiling with the various perspectives of how creative is consumed, and the opinions created around it. Namely, it's down to one persons taste versus another. How would you define your 'taste'? 

AV // I love that everyone has different views and tastes in every form of creativity.  Art is subjective and there is no wrong or right way to do it. Things that move me visually typically have striking colors, bold composition, and an uplifting presence. Something that will stick in my mind and keep inspiring me to dream of what I will do next.  

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SS // What led to your present aesthetic?

AV // The accumulation of every photo I’ve taken up to this point has helped me evolve into what I’m creating today. Living on the coast has shaped my style in a big way not only with colors and subjects, but the overall feeling of my presence as a creative.


SS // If you could pass along one bit of advice to a young creative, what would it be? 

AV // There is no one else like you in the entire world. Say yes, be kind, stay bold, and remember why you started in the first place.

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SS // Do you have a muse? 

AV // Many! I feel like it’s constantly changing in the inspirational creative sense, but it always comes back to family, my fiancé, and close girlfriends. They give me so much life!


SS// Define your work. 

AV // Charismatic, vibrant, and warm. It’s like being at the beach, in a hammock, during golden hour, with your favorite drink in hand.


SS // Dream project? 

AV // A coffee table book.


You can see more of Arielle's work here