Paolo Remogna

Of the twelve influencers we’ve spotlighted in issues past, not one of them has been from outside of the US. Not because we didn’t want to feature people from other parts of the world, but just because those were the people we knew. I came across Paolo and was drawn to his feed because I knew that his photos had to have been taken in a magical part of the world. I was impressed with his answers. The language barrier was charming. I felt like I was talking to my European pen pal (do those still exist?). I decided not to edit Paolo’s misspellings and grammatical errors, because I wanted you to feel it too.
— Editor’s Side Note

Paolo Remogna
Paris, France

Instagram: @freepy


// What’s your 9-5? (or let’s be real, your 8-8?)

I love my job, and I think there are not a lot of people who can consider themselves satisfied about what they do. I am an architect, a different one: I do retail architecture, mean-ing conceiving stores and building them, making them sell by being beautiful at the same time. I have been doing this job for over 8 years now, basically since I moved to Paris. It has been crazy at some point, too much traveling, too much of 8-8. I think in life the key is balance, I tend to invest myself too much and try getting the best of out everything, I am a perfectionist and sometimes I forget that there is a time to work and one to rest.


// How did you get into doing what you do?

Photography has been always part of my life, at my parents there are pile of photos albums, my dad really enjoyed taking photos and I think that is how it all started. I had a few cameras, my first digital reflex when I was about 20. At some point I stopped taking photos because my camera was to big, inspirations come unexpected and usually I never had it in my bag. Then about 4 years ago I started using Instagram as a game, catching moments, using my phone. I wasn’t satisfied and I bought a compact camera, now I can’t go out without it, I always have it with me. So I started a project, I wanted to take a photo every day, only one, for an entire year, and making an album for my parents, showing them where I was, my travels, my daily life and thanking them for their support.


// How does your experience as an architect help you grow your Instagram following?

I think it’s more about consistency, and people sharing your sensibility. nowadays everyone can be a photographer, or almost, but beyond a good one there is an eye, motivation, distinctiveness, rigorousness. I don’t know if I am a good photographer, I am an architect though and this you can pretty much say it looking at my photos. I am not referring to the fact that my feed is 90% architecture, but mostly to the sensibility I grew stronger during the past few years. I am happy when people say “I could tell you are an archi-tect.”


// Your captions seem very well-thought-out, tell us about them. 

I love writing. When I realized I could add captions and that some people really took the time to read it, it was a blast. Yes, it’s an additional, or I would even say complementary, form of expression. I do relate my captions to images, sometimes it’s hard to probably get it, because every single image inspires me a caption.

I started the #thewednesdaywindowtale to create my imaginary world of familiar people living behind my windows, these char-acters are mostly inspired by my personal life. My captions really reflect my daily mood, I usually write them before going to bed so that they are ready every morning when I post my photos between 7:30 and 8 am (yes I am a control freak


// How do you maintain a connection with your audience?

I try replying to every single comments, but now it gets harder and harder. I like thinking that some of those that you call audience are now my best friends. I guess if you go a little farther that just maintaining a connection, you can make beautiful discoveries. My audience shares my passions, really cares, or I like thinking it, about what I write and appreciates my aesthetic: some comments or DM are quite touching and I must admit this is the most intense human experience I have ever lived so far. (I have friends in real life that I didn’t meet through Instagram, just FYI)

// What’s your go-to source for inspiration?

I never look for inspiration, I just walk, or run, or bike. I always have my camera with me. I like thinking I could be ready anytime. At the beginning I was afraid about visiting places that were different from my every day life environment, today I feel more relaxed, actually inspiration mostly comes to knock on your door and not the other way around. 


// When are you your most creative?

I like challenges, and in general being asked to do some-thing I wouldn’t dare doing, because, let’s be honest, we all like our comfort zone. 


// What’s your favorite city and why?

Easy one. I would pick Paris of course. I have been shooting a photo every day for almost three years now, and most of them are taken here in Paris. I can be myself here, I could shoot old buildings or modern ones, I could shoot gorgeous sunsets or rainy days, I could find inspiration at every corner.

// Who’s someone to follow on Instagram?

I have a long list actually...hard to choose only one! I would recommend @cimek. Cim is one of those people I could definitely say I share a sensibility with: light, perspective, architecture, traveling. She has an amazing feed, make sure you don’t miss it!