Now You See Me

Now You
See Me


Photographer: @sisiliapiring

Models: Nicholas Pakradooni @cholpak / Rick Bhatia @rickbhatia Roxanne Pedroza @roxanne_pedroza Julia Mcarthur @juliamcarthur



The face is the connection point for most anyone. Imagine falling in love with the back of a head. Possible, yes. Likely, no.

Contrary to our present world, likes and comments have become the new meter of connection for our social media charged minds. The greatest challenge for the influencers scattered across these pages is how to tap into our culture’s savage impulse for connection through a screen.  How does that flat lay of cortados and pastries go from pixels on the screen to something wholly human?

“Now You See Me” explores what happens when the connection point between humans lies just beyond our gaze. 

—Nolan Goff, Creative Director

Screenshot 2016-04-27 05.00.18.png