MailChimp Segmenting Tips


by micah heykoop, director of strategy + culture at Matte Black


If your brand is anything like our clients, email is highly efficient source of revenue for you. Sure, it may not be your main driver, but every click from an email is 3-4 times more likely to convert than anywhere else. 


Because that is the case, we are always looking for ways to bump our open rates up. Here are two small audience tricks that will bring in a few extra sales:


  1. Resending Emails - You spend so much time crafting each message you send out only to have the majority of those who have opted in not read it (or even open it!). MailChimp knows everyone who didn't get a chance to open your email, so why not resend it to them? After your initial send of an email wait 24-48 hours for fans to open. Once that time passes, head into "lists" in MailChimp > Master List > Create a Segment > then set the dropdown menus to > Campaign Activity > Did Not Open > "Name of Your Last Email". Duplicate the email, change the subject line, and resend it to the list segment. People who open this send won't feel like they are seeing duplicate content because they never opened the first. All of the benefit, none of the extra work. You will especially see a benefit during sales you are running.
  2. Segment "LVC's" - You have a ceiling on your open rate. Let's say it never gets over 30%-40%. You can safely assume different people are opening each email, but realistically that same percentage (30%) is never opening emails. In MailChimp build a auto-update segment that sorts out anyone who hasn't clicked on any of your last five sends. Build a segment for the inverse as well (i.e. have clicked on at least one of your last five campaigns) and send each email to the groups separately. Focus the subject line for the "non-clickers" to be something extremely promo-based to get their attention. They are dead emails anyway, why not try to get just a little out of them?

There are a thousand other tricks to try, knobs to adjust, and A/B testing to execute through MailChimp. As far as minimal effort to maximum effect, these are hard to beat.


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