Let's Talk Kickstarter

Photo by Molly McCall

Photo by Molly McCall

5 Tech-Based Kickstarter Campaigns that Need Funding 



The Deepest Diving Underwater Drone for Everyone. 

Most drones provide a fun way to you capture beautiful outdoor views and while hiking or traveling. But with an underwater drone, anyone can explore the unknown ocean depths! The functionality of a standard, airborne drone expands to meet challenging ocean currents with high performance motion technology.

With diving range of up to 150m and 4k UHD camera, Titan makes remote underwater exploration fun, easy, and accessible.


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culture hog video blog

The Culture Hog Video Blog with Artist Guest Panels

Help Culture Hog start a video blog with artist panels.  Culture Hog is an online arts and culture magazine with a focus on contemporary visual culture. There you can find topics, articles, images, and artists that pertain to contemporary times. The magazine addresses issues like art and gentrification, racial issues, the dangers of advertisements and much more. They want to bring this format to the visual realm and start filming a monthly video podcast... And help the magazine spread the wonderful language of art across all platforms, but they need a camera to do so.


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Revolutionizing Addiction Medicine


A virtual reality application to introduce users to various forms of mutual help meetings and other addiction treatments. A bit far-fetched, but a fascinating idea - addicts can visit (via VR simulation) a doctor's office, a school setting (where they can learn about the science behind addiction), the hospital, a 12-step AA meeting within a Church, a relaxing recovery beach, or a veteran's club. 


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stand men's mag

It’s time for a new kind of men’s magazine.  



The magazine for men who give a damn about being better men, making a difference, leaving a legacy & making the world a better place.

Currently an e-platform, STAND was founded out of a passion to produce a high-quality men’s magazine that supports our aspirations to become better men. To become better fathers, husbands, neighbors, partners, friends, business owners & employees, and to become better allies with women for equality and justice, and to eliminate violence, harassment, and abuse. They wanna go analog.


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The Refrigerated Beauty Box

Beautigloo - The Refrigerated Beauty Box preserves your cosmetics and increases their effectiveness.

Gone are the days of shoving your OPI nail polishes in the condiment shelf of your fridge. According to Kantar Media, over 22 million women in Europe already store their beauty products in the fridge to preserve them. Cold temperatures can slow down the degradation of makeup and skincare products.
However, while this is a better environment for the products, there are also issues with using a refrigerator.

Beautigloo adds freshness and efficiency to your lifestyle. Their unique Refrigerated Beauty Box keeps your cosmetics at the right temperature so they last longer, and become more effective. Perfect for those hot summer days ahead. 


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