Jeannette Ogden, @ShutTheKaleUp

shut the kale up.

A.K.A. Jeannette Ogden // Orange County, CA

For people who don't already know, what/who is Shut the Kale Up?

@shutthekaleup is me, Jeannette Ogden. I'm a basic mom who keeps it real and is all about health, fitness and non toxic lifestyle. 


How and why did you start Shut the Kale Up?

One day i was sitting on the couch with my husband and I told him I wanted to start a wellness Instagram and he said, do it! The next couple days i came up with this catchy name and did it! The main reason I started this feed was to show people that anything can be made so good by using REAL FOOD and that there is such thing as balance! 


We wanted to interview you for The Audience Issue because you're so invested in your audience, from DM'ing with them, answering every comment and making sure your address their questions on your Instagram Stories. Tell us why you feel such a connection to them?

I feel like i relate to my followers in such a deep way. From how we eat, to where we shop to how and why this lifestyle is so intriguing to us. They're my friends and I want to help encourage and show them that eating real food is tasty. It can save people's lives. 

How has your audience helped shape Shut the Kale Up?

Shut the Kale Up has been shaped by my sweet friends who want more of me. It helps me grow and learn so much when I get asked questions or advice on certain things. It's crazy how much of an impact my followers have had on me. Without them, shutthekaleup doesn't exist. I owe it all to them! 


You've really embraced Instagram Stories and it seems to be a main platform for you. Tell us about how this has changed the type of content you put out there.

Stories is my absolute favorite. i just feel like I can show everyone how life really is without it being filtered, cropped and captioned. Not every day is perfect and I love to be transparent and relatable because it's who I am. 


How do you approach working with brands? I'm sure you get so many requests.

I don't like to approach brands. but if they approach me, I look at their product and figure out if it's a good fit. But i solely work with brands i absolutely love. I refuse to put crap on my feed for a few bucks. It's not worth it to me. 


Where do you hope Shut the Kale Up takes you? Or what do you want it to evolve into?

I hope i can write a recipe/pregnancy/motherhood/workout book one day. I love instagram but i want to venture out and do different things this year. not exactly sure yet but moving organically towards many directions.


Okay now for some fun question, you could switch lives with anyone for a week, who would it be and why?

@Getfitbrooklyn. She's my spirit animal and I just think she's a badass. 


What's next for Shut the Kale Up? Any fun projects we should look out for?

Yes! i'll be doing some fun stuff with Biolage which i can't wait for and more events :) I'm so excited!