Interview: Olivia Lopez


With Olivia Lopez




O L I V I A L O P E Z // L O S A N G E L E S , C A


SS: What’s your 9-5? (Or let’s be real, your 8 to 8?)

OL: If I’m not traveling, my LA routine on a good day involves waking up a 5 am for my 6 am yoga class, followed by a morning meeting over coffee. By 8 I’m normally back at my loft writing and editing until the afternoon. I’m most productive in the morning so I tackle my most grueling tasks before noon. It helps that most of my work emails operate on New York office hours so my afternoons free up for more meetings or creative endeavors. If I’m not running errands I’m normally checking out new shops or capping my day with happy hour with a friend in town, and by 6 pm I’m on my way to a cocktail party or a dinner.


SS: What kind of writing do you do? Is this writing/ editing for your blog or do you do it as a hobby outside of your blog?

OL: Once in awhile I contribute fashion or travel features for other magazines. I used to provide digital content for Seventeen and was a part of Teen Vogue’s blogger collective as well as submitted a few hotel features for LA Canvas. Writing and shooting is my full time job but also my hobby, chances are I’ll cover something that interests me even if it’s not commissioned.

SS: How did you get into doing what you do?

OL: I started my site in school as a creative outlet, but it was a mixture of internships and interests that involved pursuing journalism, buying and styling while I was studying business that helped set a foundation for the diverse range of work that the term blogging vaguely defines.


SS: How has your business degree contributed to your success?

OL: Taking business classes really helped provide context for the jobs and internships I was doing because everything I learned was applicable immediately.


SS: When are you your most creative?

OL: I’m most creative while I’m traveling, mostly in those in-transit moments when I’m alone. Whether it’s a 9 hour flight looking out a window with a pen and paper in hand or stuck in LA traffic listening to podcasts, it’s those in between moments when I’m engulfed in thought that I feel I come up with the most interesting ideas.


SS: How often do you travel? Where is the most inspiring place you’ve ever traveled to?

OL: From January to June I’ll be home for 2 to 3 weeks out of the month, and June through September I’ll only be home for one or two days to re-pack. Berlin inspires me creatively and culturally because of the diversity in work and amount of innovation taking shape in design, publishing and hospitality.


SS: What does “Victory” mean to you?

OL: Victory to me means accomplishing something against all odds.


SS: Give us an example of a time that you’ve found victory

OL: Being able to ideate, pitch, and execute a campaign while working directly with a brand I align with is my small victory in blogging.

SS: Who is someone to follow on Instagram?

OL: My favorite right now is @cschoonover. His use of light/color/composition just blows me away.


SS: Do you ever get sick of Instagram or social media? Or do you look at it diferently since it makes up a big part of your career?

OL: My social media story began during the MySpace days, way back when Sophia Amoruso would message me about modeling for Nasty Gal’s ebay store. Needless to say growing up and going through every social media platform and carving a career built on social definitely takes a toll. The only thing that has kept me from burning out is taking breaks. I unplug after every fashion week and my social media work day ends when the sun goes down.


SS: What’s your go-to source for inspiration?

OL: I go through image saving binges on Tumblr, but nothing burns into my memory and moves me more than a good film or a visit to The Last Bookstore.//