Interview: Jedidiah Jenkins


With Jedidiah Jenkins




J E D I D I A H J E N K I N S // L O S A N G E L E S , C A




SS: What’s your 9-5? (Or let’s be real, your 8 to 8?)

JJ: I am in the process of becoming a few things. I am writing a novel and I am co-editing a new men’s magazine. I’m also about to go on an audition to be a voice for a cartoon show. So... I’m a low-key hustler. That’s what I am.


SS: How did you get into doing what you do?

JJ: I worked at a charity for a number of years as a writer. I loved it. Writing copy for youth activism campaigns and voice over scripts for documentaries. I realized writing was my future and my love. So I committed to spending my thirties becoming a writer. I quit my old job at thirty and that’s what I’m doing now at thirty-two.


SS: When are you your most creative?

JJ: In the first half of the day. When I have my coffee and it still feels good to drink. When I’m not shaking from my fifth cup yet. When I’ve just had a long night of deep conversations in the backyard with a best friend and my mind finished spinning in my sleep and is ready to talk about how it changed.


SS: What does impact mean to you?

JJ: Impact means contributing something, to people, to the planet, to joy, to knowledge, to awareness. It means helping more than it is hurting. It means life instead of greed.

SS: How is social impact infused into your life?

JJ: I feel like writing is a calling. And to me, the best writing makes people feel less alone and more of a friendship with their own thoughts. That’s my goal. The more we understand ourselves and each other, the less we fight. The less we murder each other and think that someone with different skin or language is other than us. This is my life mission: to chip away at otherness.


SS: Social impact seems to be a recurring theme for brands old and new. What do you think the future of social good is?

JJ: I think our grandchildren will look back on the early 2000s and the twentieth century as a tragic raping of our planet. A near-sighted ignorant greedy feeding frenzy. The economy will become a beautifully symbiotic exchange with our planet, where everything benefits. That is my hope at least. The niche ethical economy that we are seeing now is the birth of this, the seed that will outgrow the field.

SS: As a person with influence, how do you try to impact your friends, family and…Instagram following?

JJ: I try to do the impossible: live authentically in a photoshopped world. I’m going to butcher this quote, but it goes something like ‘by being true to yourself, your liberty liberates others. Your freedom teaches others to break their own chains.’ Or something like that. That’s what I want to give. Freedom.


SS: Who is someone to follow on Instagram?

JJ: You know who I love? @Grizkid. He traps bears and relocates them to safety for a living. He has a pet raccoon. He always brightens my day.

SS: What’s your go-to source for inspiration?

JJ: I would say my number one is John Steinbeck. I want to see and write about the world the way he did. Every time I read his words I feel like I know myself better. That’s what I hope to do for others.