Interview: Grant Legan


With Grant Legan




Grant Legan Los Angeles and Beyond



SS: What’s your 9-5? (Or let’s be real, your 8 to 8?)

GL: I wouldn’t say I have a 9-5, my job isn’t in an office, and I don’t have guidelines requesting my presence in one space for 8 hours per day. I am a freelancer, constantly working, 70% of my work is on the internet... and the internet never sleeps. Being a freelancer means creating your own structure and routine. I would say I normally devote a particular amount of time per day to emails, editing, and a healthy lifestyle. Keeping my space clean is one way to alleviate stress. And living a healthy lifestyle, by finding some sort of routine in daily exercise. That will help the break up the time spent in front of a screen. And makes you feel much more accomplished at the end of the day.


SS: How did you get into doing what you do?

GL: It was kind of a whirlwind. I spent a lot of my early work life in the restaurant/service industry. Waiting tables and making drinks. I did that all through college. I always had a love for art, and once I got into college, I found a passion for photography. Playing dress up and taking photos of people was always an interesting way to spend my time. I began meeting people in the fashion industry and shooting here and there. Once the digital space opened up and the internet became more popular with channels such as Instagram, I found ways to promote my work through them. And have found a lot of work passing through the digital space.


SS: Some people would refer to you as an “digital influencer.” What are your feelings on that?

GL: I know that is the terminology for this day and age, and the type of space I find myself in. But I don’t, and never have, liked being thrown in a box and given a title. I do a lot of things; the digital influencer space is a really wonderful area if it is used for the community aspect of it. But there are some negatives within the space.. such as being seen as just a number to throw stuff at... I would say that aspect of it I do not enjoy. I don’t like being seen as a number vs. what I can actually provide to the relationship, being seen as an actual creative individual is more important to me than a number that can bring in sales.


SS: What do you think is next for digital influence?

GL: I think curation. Finding brands and influencers that make sense together and can help to elevate each other. Rather than anything being one sided. And I think those that choose to become more curated and specific will be the ones that gain the most respect, and will grow with purpose rather than just numbers.


SS: When are you your most creative?

GL: When it’s dark. Or when I find myself 30,000 feet in the air.


SS: What’s your favorite city?

GL: As of right now, Los Angeles. It’s the city of dreamers. It’s like Neverland for grown ups. Everyone is excited about the creative world and willing to help each other. If you find yourself in the right crowd it’s very exciting. We are here to build up those around us who are like minded.

SS: Who’s someone to follow on Instagram?

GL: @tunameltsmyheart for joy. @chriscreature for cinematic creativity. @mattcrump for a happy pop of color in a beautiful design aesthetic. @fuckjerry for a good laugh when you are bummed out.


SS: What’s your go-to source for inspiration?

GL: Tumblr. I follow a lot of awesome tumblr blogs that are curated gold. Or There is a plethora of editorial magazines that drive inspira tion. However, travel is always #1. Stepping out side of your comfort zone and growing as an indi vidual.

SS: What do you think about when you think about the future?

GL: Basically a team of ninjas who save the world. Ha hah. Or literally like Neverland from Hook where you live in trees and have fun, like, every single day. The future is exciting. It’s filled with possibili ties. And with each new experience you have, or person you meet, you grow and change and be come a better version of yourself.


SS: What scares you the most and excites you the most about the future?

GL: I think I am most scared that there won’t be enough time to visit all the places in the world I want to visit. I think what excites me the most is that there are so many more moments of joy to come, so many more happy life memories to make. Amazing people to meet, places to visit and fall in love with. The older you get the more you un derstand that life can be really hard at times, but the more you appreciate how hard work and dedi cation, and kindness can really pay off and make all the difference. I only hope as the digital space grows larger and larger, we find a way to focus in on those individuals who have a truthful voice and can help to inspire the community and grow the good rather than feeding into the bad. As you have “influence” in the digital space... it brings about a power, or an obligation. I had a professor in college who told me to always use my power, or talent, for good and not evil... and I still hold that close to me, especially in the social media world.