Adam Hale



SS: What's your 9­-5? (or let's be real, your 8-­8?)                 

AH: I’m currently a Marketing Manager for a retail website based in London’s West­End but in my spare time I create artwork for personal as well as commissioned projects.                        


SS: How did you get into doing what you do? Did you always want to be in the art world?             

AH: I’ve been interested in art from a very young age. Art and Graphics were my favourite classes at school and I carried that through to higher education, studying Graphic Design at degree­ level. For years I tried and failed to develop a visual style; I experimented with so many different mediums but found it hard to complete a piece, until I started playing around with collage. I was suddenly able to finish a piece and move onto the next and the passion just grew with each completed collage.


SS: What are some of your goals as an artist?                      

AH: In the short­ term I’d like to take The Daily Splice to another level; it works so well on social media and I’d like to build on that. It would be awesome if one of the publications I use to create my work took me on as a regular contributor. In terms of commissions, a lot of attention comes from the world of fashion and I’d like continue collaborating with prestigious brands as they help push my work in a new and exciting direction. I’d also love the chance to work abroad. ­I spent three weeks in California on honeymoon at the start of the year and we just didn’t want to leave! One of my long­term goals is to set up my own studio and build a team around me. I have big ideas but the time and resource is lacking. 


SS: How has social media played a role in your career and success?

AH: Social media has played a massive role in the success of The Daily Splice. As my audience grew I became more focussed and the work has improved as a result. I can usually predict how popular a collage will be but I try to avoid playing it safe all the time. Some of my more outlandish pieces divide opinion but they keep my feed fresh and the visual style is always consistent.


My Instagram feed acts as a portfolio that’s being constantly shared with people around the world and it’s led to some amazing opportunities. I’ve been approached by Adidas, Christian Louboutin, French Connection and others from across four continents for collaborations that wouldn’t have been possible without social media. The same goes for publicity and recognition of my work when one of my pieces is shared by a celebrity or media outlet - my audience is boosted a little and it seems to be a different cross­ section each time.

SS: Where do you draw inspiration from?

AH: Surprisingly, I’m inspired mainly by non-­collage artists. As a student my dream was to become an illustrator and my work was influenced by visual artists such as Tom Lane (Ginger Monkey Design) and Glenn Jones (GlennzTees) who use vector graphics to create bold standalone designs. I’m also a huge fan of Austrian street artist Nychos. My work is led by experimentation and I thrive on the challenge of bringing several contrasting images together into a seamless piece of art.

SS: The theme of this issue is "analog" ­ what does analog mean to your artistic style and overall creativity?

AH: For me, the limitations of analogue collage breeds creativity. Unlike digital art, there’s no ability to flip or resize elements so the only way to make them work together is through innovation. Analogue processes are so raw and I love the fact that there’s no middle­man between me and my artwork.


SS: If you could have a completely different career in a different industry, what would you be doing?                     

AH: I’ve always been fascinated by science and astronomy but would never have the attention span to take it seriously. If I had to narrow it down further I’d like to be involved with the teams who are hunting habitable exoplanets and any trace of life beyond Earth. The implications are mind ­blowing.


SS: Someone to follow on Instagram?        

AH: If you’re interested in collage you should follow The Brooklyn Collage Collective (@brooklyncollagecollective). I was part of an exhibition they hosted here in London in the summer of 2015 and I got to lay eyes on some fascinating artwork.



SS: What's next for Mr. Splice?

AH: I’m flattered to have been invited to the prestigious Watermill Center Annual Benefit & Auction in The Hamptons this July and have donated several pieces. The organisers have chosen one of my collages to feature as the cover image for the event.                  

Also, a few clothing and stationery collaborations are due to be released towards the end of the year and I can't wait to receive some of the samples!