A Chat with Beatrice Fischel-Bock, Co-Founder of Hutch

A Chat with Beatrice Fischel-Bock: Co-Founder of Hutch


"I always tell people looking to start a business to print some business cards and buy a domain. Total cost: under $100. This first step helps to make something that is in your head more tangible and real."


26-year-old Beatrice Fischel-Bock, cofounder of Hutch (formerly ZOOM Interiors and Homee) has locked in her spot on Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2018's E-Commerce & Retail sector. Hutch is a 3D, online interior design platform that allows users to upload photos of their rooms and virtually redecorate them. The best part? You can purchase the pieces you plug in right on the app and your personalized design plan looks real fresh. 


We spoke with Fischel-Bock about her journey as a young entrepreneur (her company brought in $1 million before she graduated from college), the best wisdom she's received, and how she stays on top of the interior content game. 



SS // Tell us the exact moment you decided to start Hutch (your 'business plan on a napkin' story).
BFB // It was junior year of college and we went abroad for six months. Our friends were moving into their first apartments and asking us for help finding furniture. We realized that there was a real need to help people buying furniture who are not willing or able to work with a professional interior designer. 


SS // How did Hutch come to life? How many people helped you along the way? How did you find the balls to just go in there and do it? 

BFB // I had my incredible co-founders, who are also my best friends and an incredibly supportive family and partner. When you feel the support, it’s easier to go out on a limb. 


SS // I know one of your investors and mentor is Tinder Founder Sean Rad of Shark Tank - what type of wisdom has he relayed to you? If you could share one of his best pieces of advice, what would that be? 

BFB // Keep it simple. Figure out what you want to solve and stay focused. Nothing else matters if you are not building a product that actually brings real value into people’s lives. 

He also always says to ask questions. When my team comes to me with a problem, instead of giving an answer, he has taught me to ask questions. More times than not, the person coming with the problem discovers the solution while answering some simple questions.


SS // What are the biggest challenges in your industry? Misconceptions?

BFB // It’s all challenging! That is probably what's hardest. Learning to deal with the constant ups and downs of running a startup. You have to try and keep an even keel through every challenge that comes your way. Get through it and get ready for the next one.


SS // What is your favorite part about your job? The buying/designing process? 

BFB // My favorite part of the job is the team! There is nothing better than a day where we figure something out or finish a big sprint. We’re all in it together and have different things we can contribute.


SS // Forbes 30 under 30 is a big deal - especially as a young woman. What is your biggest lesson/tip you’d like to share with our readers about how they, too, can get there?

BFB // You have to start by just diving in and going for it. Don’t wait for funding, don’t wait for the right mentor. Just start. Your path will begin to reveal itself naturally. I always tell people looking to start a business to print some business cards and buy a domain. Total cost: under $100. This first step helps to make something that is in your head more tangible and real.


 SS // How often to do you look to evolve? What can we expect to see from Hutch in 2018?

BFB // We’re always evolving! Big things coming in 2018. Our technology is getting better and better with more capabilities. We are also announcing some exciting partnerships. Stay tuned!


SS // You once said “you shouldn't be afraid to put something that seems unfinished into your customers hands. You never know what you'll discover” — What did you mean by this?

BFB // It’s really important to get feedback early on from your users. You want to make sure you’re on the right track with what you’re building. If you wait until it’s perfect but only realize that the flow is wrong after releasing publicly, you've lost so much time. Time is your most precious resource in the early stages.


SS // What’s next for Beatrice? 

Growing Hutch into a household brand!



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