Words & Creative Direction: Nolan Wilson Goff

Photography: Dustin Giallanza

Styling: Bailey Julio

Models: Erin Murray, Arjang Mahdavi, Jayla Alex, Jung Yun, & Trey Anderson 

Talent Provided by Photogenics LA



Is it just me, or does the future right now seem awfully bleak? Like a mutated version of George Orwell’s dystopian future, brought to life. Across the digital space, I see a whole lot of screaming. Everyone seems to be at each other’s throats. On top of that, the machines are taking over. Singularity is a buzz phrase that’s thrown around. Studies are emerging, showing the little device in your hand might not be the best thing for you. For some people, that little device can spell big problems for the rest of us. For your Aunts and Uncles on Facebook, the screaming doesn’t seem to be doing any good. It’s divisive. It tears at us. All of the noise is ripping at our human fabric. 


Which leads us to consider: what’s the trade off for our endless connectivity? Is there a vision of the future which embraces our digital world, yet becomes all the more human? A future where we don’t have to give our lives over to the machines and one where we don’t make choices that hurt other people.


We think there is. This month’s editorial spread, ‘Synchronicity’, dreams of that future. One that diminishes our desire for endless digital connectivity, replacing it with a movement towards human harmony. Imagine a future, where all creeds and perspectives strive to understand one another. Where all races and orientations are valued. A future that celebrates the individuals who ride their own waves and our great diversity, all while flowing forward on a congruent trajectory. 


It’s a dream of the future that we take heart in. Will others too? To badly paraphrase one of our most notorious poets: can we reach it? Can we capture it? Or, will we just let it slip? 


It’s never too late to rewrite our future. 


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