Analog Spread


There's been an intrusion. And this intruder looks a lot like you. They are highly curated. They are oh so cool. It was Hawaii last month. Palm Springs for the weekend. They don't live in a tiny studio apartment. No, they would never. They'd never eat Kraft Mac + Cheese. They don't drink Charles Shaw. And they certainly don't watch The Bachelorette on Monday nights.

When you think "analog" these days, your head probably goes to something "physical"; the anti-thesis of our increasingly digital world. But as a noun, an "analog" is a "copy". It's a representational duplication. It makes sense, when you think about a photograph: light rays burst through the films stock's surface and the end result is a copy, thanks to tiny halide crystals. It's an analog; representative of something very real and very physical. But, it's not the same.  

It's that conflict inside your skull when deciding whether or not to post that dumb, poorly framed photo from yesterday. The one that actually makes you happy, if you really think about it. You fear posting it because it might not fit into your aesthetic-forward life. It's the fight between the person we show ourselves to be, and the person we actually are. Public vs. private. In 2016, our digital lives have intruded on our everyday. 

The physical has been replaced by the intruder-self. 

So this month, don't think twice. Just post the damn picture.

-- Nolan Goff, Creative Director


P.S. By the way, all the images from this issue are shot on film,