Best of Live Content


3, 2, 1 You're now live!  

This gets our hearts pumping. Why you might ask, because it’s a wonderful way to connect to your audience in an authentic and compelling way. The past couple years Facebook has placed a huge emphasis on native video and this year it’s being owned by live content. This is the reason public figures, brands, news organizations and media companies have all found their way in the Live world. We’ve compiled a list of the people winning with Live Programming.


Man Repeller // Editorial

Man Repeller uses Facebook Live to broadcast their weekly content meetings, bringing their audience in on the planning of future content. Letting their readers behind the scenes in this way brings the audience full circle. They can sit in on brainstorms, get excited about the content to come, and then feel a stronger connection to the content once it goes live.


BLOOMINGdale's // Retail

With support from the NY based agency The 88, this retailer's live content blends the energy of the city with new products seamlessly. From trips to baseball games, custom Snapchat lenses, and multi-camera Facebook Live broadcasts - Bloomingdale's is doing things right.



Glossier uses Facebook Live to show tutorials on how to use their products, as well as unveil new ones. This creates a level of authenticity and transparency that we don't always see in the beauty industry. Their audience can ask live questions and see them answered in real time.


John Mayer // Music

John Mayer hosts his own talk show on Instagram Live. Broadcasting from dark corners of his home, this musician brings celebrity guests and answers fan questions in a funny and compelling way.



Benefit goes live every Thursday showcasing 'Tipsy Tricks' on Facebook Live. They give advice on all things Benefit makeup while under the influence. It's playful and they don't themselves too seriously.



E! News is known for being a go-to source for all things celebrity, pop-culture and entertainment. With an already established daily news shows that airs on TV, E! has been able to use Facebook Live to offer more on-demand reporting. These segments have proven to be really popular among their audience, allowing people to chime in on the conversation.


SABRINA SOTO // Interior Design

Sabrina's Facebook Live are a personal look into her work + life at home. She will feature a home cooked meal one day and a Q&A with her HGTV co-stars the next.



Ridiculous often stupid but completely satisfying bits of live goodness from unique creatives. This is the cool Uncle to the past-their prime BuzzFeed. 


Hilary Rushford // Stylist + Business Coach

Hilary doles out wonderful advice to other bloggers + entrepreneurs in her Instagram Stories and Live. She does this during her day everything from AM routines including make-up and style tips.