Behind the Process

Behind the Process

by Nolan Goff


Sometimes, in the hyper-speed world of digital marketing, you’ll put a lot of thought into a piece or series of content, but then watch it go online and be forgotten the next day when the next shiny thing appears. I know I harp on this a lot, but it’s true. It’s hard out there for creatives in the A.D.D. world of ‘more’ and ‘now’.


We wanted to reflect back on a few pieces of content that hold a special place in our digital hearts, and give a small glimpse behind the process behind each.


Meme-worthy messages for the attention deficit #youth

For Ad Council’s underage drunk driving campaign, the “Ultimate Party Foul”, we knew there was a major need for creating highly shareable, meme-worthy content that spoke to a younger Tumblr-based audience. So combining the influence of Odd Future’s design aesthetic, with the more message-centric directives of the campaign, we knew we wanted to go in an illustrated direction that touched both high (campaign-driven) and low (internet) culture.


We had come across D’Ara Nazaryan’s work in the past, so she was someone that came instantly to mind for this unique collaboration, and she doubled as our animator to add further digital spice to the graphics, converting them into animated GIFs.


The results: the Ultimate Party Foul message, filtered through these cotton candy colored assets for the A.D.D. generation.  



Scandinavia through the Lululemon lens

Late last summer, we were challenged with doing something new for the well-established Lululemon. They wanted to do a lookbook, but not just a catalog of pictures; instead, a magazine + editorial experience that couple their extraordinary product with stories of their athletes from around the world.


In looking for a location, we wanted something that combined modern architecture with a vast nature, in support of Lululemon’s Winter campaign, “The Air Out There.” Within a month of conception, we piled into an airplane and flew around the world Norway to get a taste of it’s Scandinavian sea, sky, and land. The Atlantic Road served as our connection to the sea. Trollstigen’s winding road led us into the mountains and the sky. The angular, minimal architecture of the Oslo Opera House brought a thread of modernity to the more alien natural landscapes. Steering the photographic side was art director Jessica Tan, whose personal aesthetic and taste was tailor made for this project, and Jace Lumley and Noah Sahady ably lensed the photographs. Every one of which is stunning.


In the campaign film, I worked closely alongside our cinematographer, Sean Conte, to abstract the landscape, making it feel natural, but foreign; a place that was just out of reach. We wanted it to feel familiar, but subtly terrestrial. Creatively, we used a drone for expansive overheads that revealed the landscape in a mixture of lower quadrant framing and sweeping wides for shots featuring the athletes. Despite the epic stature of these prolific professional athletes, the mythic landscape still towered above them, serving as an interesting affinity to capture in camera.


The finished lookbook is a beautifully printed and elegantly designed physical editorial work, that delicately intertwines the landscapes of Norway, the technical wonder of the Lululemon product, and editorial words that both inspire and aspire us to get outside, in the elements. We might be a digital agency, but we say print is alive and well.