Luca Fersko

Me the moment I landed on Luca’s Instagram: Who is this person? Why is he so much cooler than every other fashion in uencer I’ve stalked? Wait, he’s only 17!? Oh, he’s Italian.. no wonder he’s cool. His girlfriend’s cute. Let’s watch his videos. Woah nice hair. Let’s email him.
— Editor's Side Note


SS: What tips would you give to both brands and individuals who are working to grow and foster a loyal audience?

LF: If there are any tips that I could give to anyone trying to grow a larger and more loyal audience, it would be this: consistency counts. Specifically to brands, I would say to utilize creators, and within that, be open to their creative ideas (they know their audience best), and think "relationship." Long term partnerships with creatives are more meaningful. 

SS: Who on the internet is doing cool stuff right now? Could be a brand, artist, musician. Anyone.

LF: Wow, this is tough... I would say anyone pursuing their dreams!

SS: What's a quote you live by?

LF: Just Keep Swimming

SS: If you had a day to live, who would you spend it with and what would you be doing?

LF: I would spend it alone, making one last video, that would probably be some controversial piece that I would spam across the internet. 

SS: Tell us your name, where you're from, and your current city.

LF: Luca Sgarbi Fersko, but I go by Luca Fersko. I'm from Italy, but I currently live in New York City.

SS: What's your 9-5? (or let's be real, your 8-8?)

LF: I'm finally able to say that I'm a full time fashion guru that provides most of his insight via YouTube. However, I think of myself in a more board sense, as an artist.

SS: At what age did you start taking social media seriously, and realize that it could lead to a potential career?

LF: The day I was able to pay my mom back for the computer she had bought be was the day I realized that what I was doing was going to change my life forever.

SS: And your audience, how have you seen them adapt and grow with you?

LF: My audience is the best, and they do definitely grow with me. My one wish is that more people would be open minded and accepting of different schools of thought.

SS: Someone to follow on Instagram?

LF: @3CM_LIN (Lib Yung Cheng) - so good!

SS: What's next for Luca Fersko?

LF: I currently have a couple of fun projects in the works that I real really align with me and my creative ideas - they are things I can put my samp on. In 2016 I'm really focused on meeting great people, growing my name, and working with/creating great products.