Audience Audit

The Audience Audit

For the Audience Issue this year, we wanted to explore audience from a brand’s perspective. We wanted to dive into who that specific consumer for that specific brand is, and what goes into figuring that out. Targeting the correct consumer plays the ultimate role in a brand’s success. So we asked four of our favorite brands a few questions about their target demo. Do you fit the bill? 


JUICE | Served Here is an innovative and chic cold-pressed juice company delivering first class health. Convention is a concept for the masses. Never Conventional is for those who ask for more. From the nutrient dense produce from some of our hand-selected local farms, to our state-of-the-art arctic cold-press, zero-waste facility - we are Never Conventional. Our certified non-GMO juice is nourishing, satiating and never cut with cheap fillers.


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> Male or female? We’re pretty even keeled from a customer standpoint but I’d say we lean towards marketing to females.

> Age? Early 20’s to mid 30’s, let’s say 29. 

> What city does she live in? She definitely lives on the west side of Los Angeles, either in WEHO or Venice

> What kind of job does she have? Our woman is creative for sure but is also very independent so I’d say she’s a creative entrepreneur.

> What’s a typical Friday night like for her? Netflix and chill. She’s not having a late one because she loves brunch at The Butcher’s Daughter on Saturdays. 

> Is she an early bird or night owl? She can swing both ways. Depends on her creative flow. What type of workout does she prefer? It’s all about balance. A little Soul Cycle mixed with some barre and yoga.

> What type of car does she drive? Loves her BMW 5 series but is craving the switch to the Land Rover LR4

> Budget friendly or big spender? I mean, shoes are important.



For Los Angeles-based leather goods company This Is Ground, helping people stay organized is the first step toward a higher goal: allowing them to stay focused and become more inspired. Its innovative products offer practical yet elegant mobile solutions for creative professionals, business executives, world travelers and anyone else on the go, putting everything within easy reach like a handyman's tool belt or chef's mise en place.




> Age? 33 but looks 26

> If your audience had a first name, what would it be? Nic

> What city does he/she live in? Los Angeles

> What kind of job does Nic have? A writer, teacher or a hacker.

> What's his/her favorite song right now? Of Holy Colors by Jane Jane Pollock

> What's a typical Friday night like for Nic? Drinks with co-workers - most likely at their startup, then late night dancing something soulfully tacky.

> Is he/she an early bird or night owl? Both

> What does Nic order at a bar? Draft IPA then a shot of something from China for $26 that "makes you hallucinate."

> What type of workout does he/she prefer? Something creative with minimal authority.

> What is Nic watching on Netflix? Nathan for You on HULU

> What type of car does he/she drive? Something hybrid but wants all-in on electric.

> Budget friendly or big spender? Smart spender

> Introvert or extrovert? Ambivert


Soma is designing the world’s best water...for you and 800 million people in need. Their beautifully designed carafe and pitcher work with a plant-based water filter. These filters are conveniently delivered to your door every two months per a subscription service, so your water is always fresh. On top of that, for every filter they sell, they donate proceeds to communities in need of reliable water systems.


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 > Male or female? Female

> Age? 28

> Give your audience a first name. Sarah

> What is Sarah’s favorite genre of music? Downtempo

> What city does she live in? Venice, CA

> What’s a typical Friday night like for Sarah? Dinner with friends followed by gallery opening. Not out too late because she stops for green juice on the way to 8am yoga.

> What are her hobbies? Yoga, photography, travel

> What is Sarah’s alcoholic beverage of choice? Bulleit with a splash of Soma

> What’s she currently watching on Netflix? Master of None