12 Tech Products for Creatives

12 Tech Products for Creatives

In partnership with B8ta

The technology industry seems to be growing more and more every day. We're constantly being sold on products, features and updates to make our lives more convenient in the form of shiny, plastic new toys. So, how do you find the tech products that are actually worth it? Well, for starters, look to a retailer who has a curated selection of products that allows you to test them before you buy them. Cue b8ta, a retail concept designed for "discovering, trying and buying the latest tech products." These stores are powered by software and designed to make physical retail easy and accessible. Many brands and makers look to b8ta to bring their products closer to customers in real life. We partnered with b8ta to bring you this curated list of the coolest technology products made for creatives like you. From photography cameras to pens to iPhone accessories, we encourage you to explore the pieces of technology that will help you be more creative.

Photo by @meetmeural

Photo by @meetmeural


1. Gemstone Power Case

This GEMSTONE collection features the world’s first all transparent design battery case. It’s innovative modular design is a modern reinvention of the battery case featuring a standalone protective case with an attachable battery sleeve. So you can conveniently add power when you need it and remove it when you don’t.


2. Meural Digital Canvas

Meural is a digital canvas that allows you to stream art straight to your wall—whether that’s classic paintings, photography or digital art. Like a painting, you don’t actually touch the work: you can control it with our website, mobile app, or the swipe of your hand. On top of our own collection of images, which includes both emerging and renowned artists, you can upload your own. It’s our mission to promote both the discovery of art and self-expression.


3. Neo N2 Smart Pen

N2 works with our notepaper and Neo Notes app (Android and iOS). Start writing with N2 on our paper and the handwritten notes will appear on your device. The N2 turns on automatically as you start writing, recognizes what page or notebook it is on, and stores up to 1K pages even if it is not connected to a smart device. Notes taken will sync to your device when reconnected. You can record your voice with strokes (in app), and search for pages by date, tags and also content.


Photo by Moleskine

Photo by Moleskine

4. Moleskine x Creative Cloud Smart Notebook

Turn your hand drawn sketches into working digital files with the "magic" smart notebook from Moleskine and Adobe. What you draw on the notebook's page is uploaded as a clear JPG before being converted into a working SVG file.


5. Beoplay H4

Wireless, over-ear headphones with a focus on pure essentials - featuring Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, authentic materials and up to 19 hours of playtime. Ideal for music on the go, Beoplay H4 are both expressive and contemporary. The materials are honest, simple and true: leather, aluminum and steel, all carefully selected for comfort and fit. The sound is precise and clear, delivering music the way the artist intended it to be heard.


6. Moment Tele Lens

Leave the bulky, expensive cameras at home and opt for a super powerful lens for your iPhone. The Moment lens and product range comes highly recommended by both professional and amateur photographers as the best on the market.


7. Aura Frame

Aura is the world's smartest picture frame that automatically displays the best photos from your phone. Download the free app, set up the frame in minutes, and choose from auto-generated albums of the people you take pictures of most often. It's never been easier to display all the amazing photos you keep trapped on your phone.


8. Lindlund Ruler

Many designers start their best work on paper rather than digitally, which is what inspired Lindlund, a Kickstarter funded ruler made for digital designers. Each ruler features simulated pixel measurements to help designers visualize their work for both digital and print.


9. Feiyu Spg Live Smartphone Gimbal

The Feiyu SPG Live is a 3 axis motorized gimbal for smartphones, featuring automatic switching from vertical to horizontal mode, limitless 360° panning, roll and tilt of 320°, It features a handgrip that doubles as a battery holder and has integrated gimbal and camera controls. The removable battery lasts up to 8 hours.


Photo by Gnarbox

Photo by Gnarbox

Photo by Lindlund

Photo by Lindlund

10. Font Matcherator

Upload an image of a font, and it will tell you what it is! Such a timesaver for designers.


11. Gnarbox

GNARBOX is the fastest way to manage your camera's media while on the go. It offers quick backup, intuitive editing and easy sharing - even RAW photos and 4K video - all from your phone. Great for any trip, shoot or adventure, GNARBOX is rugged, compact and packed with enough power to replace your laptop in the field.


12. DxO One Camera

All the power of a professional camera in your pocket - High performance in low light - Superior portrait with natural bokeh - Reframing zoom up to 4x Camera's specs: 1 inch sensor, 20.2 megapixel, f/1.8 max aperture, .jpg & .RAW format


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