10 Brands Disrupting Their Industries

10 Brands Disrupting Their Industries

Curated by the team at Matte Black


The rise of technology, e-commerce, and digital media is changing the way consumers connect with brands and retail. Across all generations, we spend our money differently, we're serviced differently, and we look at brands in a different light. It really is a consumer's market. 


For the Impact Issue, we wanted to share ten brands that have changed the way we do things. And no, you won't find Amazon, or Apple, or Casper Mattresses on this list, but start ups that we believe will come out on top.


This brand is Changing the way We...think about and shop for organic produce.

Imperfect Produce

Founded by Ben Simon


In the US alone, 1 in 5 pieces of produce does not meet "cosmetic standards" set by grocery store chains, thus resulting in millions of pounds of wasted fruits and vegetables per year. Imperfect Produce is aiming to change the way we think and consume produce by offering these organic fruits and veggies up to 50% off retail price AND they're delivered straight to your door.


This brand is changing the way we...shop for those goodies that are made to spice up your bedroom behavior.

Unbound Box

Founded by Polly Rodriguez


Unbound was started by a group of New York City gals who wanted to make sex better for women. Intimidated and overwhelmed by the in-store shopping experience, they thought a discreet subscription box would be the perfect solution for getting women and couples the erotic goods they craved.


This brand is changing the way we...Eat lunch at work.


Founded by Mary Biggins


Founded by ClassPass co-founder, Mary Biggins, a subscription to MealPal allows you to choose your lunch from 100 local restaurants and skip the line to pick it up, all for under $5 per day. Like the ClassPass model, this app serves as a marketing tool for local restuarants that may have had trouble reaching potential customers before or making those lunchtime sales.


This brand is changing the way we...shop for high quality basis.

third uprising

Founded by Michelle Hanabusa


Third Uprising is a minimal wear brand with the goal to give you high qulaity pieces for their true price by cutting out the wholesale structure. With a team made up of creative & digital entrepreneurs driven by user experience and seamless design, Third Uprising also spotlights other creatives making waves in their fields, with limited run capsule collections launching 2x a quarter.


This brand is changing the way we...deal with our periods.


Founded by Molly Hayward & Morgen Newman


Cora is making it easier for women to deal with their periods by delivering organic tampons to your door each month. In addition, Cora advocates for women and girls globally by providing sanitary products and education to those in need.


This brand is changing the way we...take care of our skin...down there.

V Magic

Founded by Donna Steinmann


De-mystifying the fact that your skin down there is just as important as 'up there', and deserves the same care and regimine. Vmagic is the only 100% pure & organic vulva cream that is gynecologist approved, lab tested & recommended by women’s health professionals nationwide.


This brand is changing the way we...think about sex.


Founded by Eva Goicochea, Maya Bodinger and Dina Epstein


Sex essentials for all people. Founded by three women in New York City, they exist to make sex simple. They believe in transparency, quality, and inclusiveness. Starting with condoms, late 2017 they will launch vibrators, wipes and so much more.


This brand is changing the way we...attack the creative content game for social media.

Self Made

Founded by Brian Schechter and Zach Lloyd


SelfMade provides professional photo editing services and social media support to help members grow their online following.


This brand is changing the way we...think about fabrics.

Bolt Threads

Founded by Dan Widmaier, PhD, David Breslauer, PhD, and Ethan Me


Bolt Threads is harnessing proteins found in nature to create fibers and fabrics with both practical and revolutionary uses.




This brand is changing the way we...get good-looking teeth.

Smile Direct Club

Founded by Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman


Getting out of dentist appointments? Yes, please. SmileDirectClub is a direct-to-consumer company that helps deliver a smile you'll love safely, discreetly, and without the hassle of in-person monthly visits.