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April 2019 —



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What exactly does it mean to be “victorious?” Being victorious implies that you’re winning. Successful. A champion. Triumphant. 

Victory can be experienced in a multitude of ways. Conquering cancer. Nailing your pitch. Hosting an epic dinner party. Convincing someone you’re right. Settling an argument in a mature fashion. Re-signing a client.

Victory is something that we strive for. Victory is the finish line that we see in the distance. It is one of the reasons why we keep trucking along.

The problem with victory is that once we reach the supposed "finish line," that same marker which once defined success swiftly moves a little further out of reach. That same finish line morphs into something greater than you’d imagined before.

Chasing victory is what leads to growth. 

Growth is what leads to victory.


When you look at it this way, perhaps victory isn’t so far off for any of us. 

All you have to do is get going.


Managing Editor

"When you look at it this way, perhaps victory isn’t so far off for any of us."





Joseph Lee

Life works kind of funny sometimes. Joseph Lee came to LA a handful of years ago to pursue his dreams to professionally act. After meeting a handful of quirky creatives in DTLA and juggling auditions, Joseph landed a gig that would take him on set in Korea. To pass time while camped out in his foreign hotel rooms? Joseph began to create on canvas.

Joseph's work speaks for itself. It evokes emotion. It tells a story. It is lively. It is recognizable. Joseph was an absolute treat to speak with. His modesty and passion for pursuing his creative endeavours is uniquely charming. Simply fantastic is one way to view his work. Read our interview with him to discover more.

— Gaelan Simpson, Managing Editor SSR



an interview with SAM DISS of MUNDIAL MAGAZINE

Talking about what goes into making a successful magazine, writing good words, and everything else that comes to mind.

— Interview by James Royce, Writer



the basics of seo for THE TECH-INEPT

I went to an evening class to learn all things SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is super important if you have a brand of your own. Which inevitably, you do. Because even if you are not running a fire publication like this one, you yourself are a brand. Anyway, here are 10 things you need to know about search engine optimization in order to become victorious.

— Gaelan Simpson, Managing Editor



episode 039

Finding the Core of the Brief with Megan Amberson, Brand Strategy Director

Agency friends — we've got some pro-tips on this one! On this episode, we chat with Megan Amberson, Brand Strategy Director and campaign guru. Listen in as Megan imparts her wisdom on the campaign brief process, and talks through her five key steps to getting to the core of a campaign brief; how a team should approach getting past internal assumptions to address the actual challenge at hand.

SESSIONS by Matte Black




how recipes are going viral on instagram.

The Cookies. The Stew. If images of these two specific recipes immediately come to mind, you are not the only one. It seems like the idea of going viral touches every industry — even the simple things we do in the comfort of our homes. So, how exactly does something like a recipe go viral?

black car vs. silver car

If you’ve live in a congested city where traffic is jammed and parking spots are limited, the competition to fight for the little space that is available can get a little personal. In a Twitter thread, @Mrhflrs documents a riveting standoff between the dubbed “Black Car” and “Silver Car”, in which two cars battle for a parking spot in the heart of Koreatown. For over an hour.


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Joseph Lee






piecesofdisquiet1 (1).jpg


Joseph Lee is a self-taught artist who studies faces and the emotions that inhabit them.  Lee focuses on the parallel between external reality and internal process by manipulating everyday faces and objects through segmented brush strokes, color choice, and volume, converging them into a complete and balanced whole. He is currently based in Los Angeles.


Weird habit?  I hum songs when I feel uncomfortable

Best bar in LA: Cafe Bleu

Favourite artist: Howard Stern

Pump up song. Kanye West ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’

Morning ritual: Reading depressing news, then an hour at the gym.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 12.08.03 PM.png

Sam diss

Sam Diss is a 27-year-old writer and editor based in London. His work has been featured in the Guardian, VICE, Four Pins, Shortlist, and many other publications. Sam is the current head of content at MUNDIAL magazine.


podcast feat. megan amberson

Megan Amberson is a Strategy Director based in Portland Oregon. She loves sneakers, rescue pups, dirt jumping and helping brands connect with their audience in a meaningful way.   

Favorite comedian? Dave Chappelle 

Your go-to cocktail: Iced cold Stella 

Celebrity crush: David Lynch 

Daily read? I always start the day with the New York Times 

If you could only wear one color of ROYGBIV forever, it would be: Violet of course!